NuPhy Air75 – The Slimmest Mechanical Keyboard

It’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of mechanical keyboards. Before you know it you’ll be in the attic soldering yourself a custom built board with cherry keycaps costing a few hundred dollars. For people wanting a travel-friendly mechanical keyboard without spending too much time and effort, the NuPhy Air75 is an all-in-one package. It has the satisfaction and sound of a high-end keyboard, but won’t break the bank.

Why do I need this?

nuphy air75

The NuPhy Air75 is an ultra-slim wireless mechanical keyboard. It contains the world’s thinnest PBT spherical keycap in a rugged aluminium frame and contains a low-latency wireless connection to pair the keyboard with your iPad, phone or computer. Up to 4 devices can be connected at the same time.

You’re able to hot-swap all the Air75’s keys without needing a soldering iron or other keyboard manufacturing experience. You can choose between Gateron red, blue or brown keycaps, each producing a different sound, with the blue keycaps being the most clicky (and perhaps annoying to your co-workers).

It comes with an elegant travel case to keep your Air75 from damaging while you’re on the road with it. The case also doubles as a stand for your tablet or phone, with a minimal footprint.

The keyboard layout is suitable for both Windows and Mac, thanks to the additional three keys you can swap out for Windows machines.


  • ANSI 75% layout
  • Ultra-thin PBT keycaps
  • 2.4G, Bluetooth & wired
  • Hot-swappable
  • Aluminium frame
  • Fitting foot v2
  • Foldable case
  • RGB sidelit and backlit
  • Working time on a single battery charge: Up to 48 hours

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x NuPhy Air75 wireless mechanical keyboard
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A cable (1.5m)
  • 1 x 2.4G receiver
  • 1 x Keycap/Switch puller
  • 2 x Magnetic foot
  • 3 x Extra keycaps
  • 3 x Extra switches
  • 1 x Stickers
  • 1 x Quick guide/Poster

Typing sound

One of the main advantages of a mechanical keyboard next to the feeling and travel of the keys is the sound it produces. Check the video below to get a small taste of the different keycaps and the sounds they make.

Where can I buy the NuPhy Air75?

You can order the Air75 on the official NuPhy site, via the link below.

Order the NuPhy Air75

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  1. Of course I came her to confirm my biases. I just got the Nuphy75 (typing this on the keyboard) and I love it. I got it primarily for an on the go keyboard for my Ipad but I am loving it so much I might have to get another one as my primary. It is well built and sounds great I ordered the brown switches and could not be happier.

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