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The banana is probably my most favorite piece of fruit. The only downside is that it’s really hard to predict when they tend to expire. No bunch of bananas is alike, so you’ve probably experienced needing to throw out a bananas some time or use them for banana bread. The Nana Hats are a small invention that ensures that your bananas have an extended shelf life, so that you’re able to enjoy them a bit longer.

How does it work?

Bananas produce a natural ripening agent, ethylene gas, as they begin to ripen. When you attach the Nana Hat’s BPA-free silicone cap to the crown of your banana bunch, you’re inhibiting the absorption of this gas, thus slowing the ripening process.

The silicone cap contains magnets that make sure it stays tight on your banana bunch’s crown. To make it look less sterile you can slide on a wool hat to make your bananas look fashionable. The hats come in different versions, so you can decide whether it’s time to put a cheeseburger or a unicorn on your bananas.

Attaching the Nana hats is easy and will become second nature as soon as you buy new bananas from the store. It will have you worry less about your bananas going bad and the Nana Hats look adorable in your fruit bowl. I wish they made similar ones for avocados!

Where can I buy these banana preservers?

The best reason to get the Nana Hats aside from the fact that they look cute, is that you’re preventing food waste, which results in much more people being able to be fed from the same amount of bananas. That’s why the Nana hats get our climate friendly seal of approval.

The Nana Hats are available on Amazon via the link below.

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