Nuraphone: a Personalised Hearing Experience

The Nuraphone is a new brand of headphones that contains technology to drastically improve your listening experience.

Starting out on Kickstarter, Melbourne based Nura already ran a successful campaign gaining well over 7,000 backers.

There are three things that give these headphones an edge over a typical Beats or Sennheiser model.

  • With a companion iOS / Android app the Nuraphone uses its technology to create a unique hearing profile based on the way you’re hearing sound. Nura states it measures the faint sounds emitted by your ears when they hear audio using a process known as otoacoustic emission. With this you’ll have a perfectly tailored sound experience.

  • While at first sight the Nuraphone looks to be a typical over-ear model it’s in fact a combination of over-ear and in-ear. In the earpieces you’ll notice there are silicone extensions sticking out that go in your ear canal. While this is not true noise cancellation, it provides a great isolation from the outside world, adding to the immersion.

  • Talking about immersion, the Nuraphone features an Immersion mode, where the in-ear pieces handle the melodic part of the bass while the over-ear pieces are used to transmit the bass’ lower frequencies through your skin. This combination results in a very realistic representation of your music, as if you’re attending a live concert of your favorite band.

Check out some of the first-time reactions of the Nuraphone:

All in all the Nuraphone is a bold move in headphones-land. Even though this first version might have some flaws here and there it wouldn’t surprise me if the Sennheisers of this world will borrow some of the Nuraphone’s features in their future models.

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