Personalized Reversible Sequin Pillows

There’s nothing stopping the reversible sequin trend anytime soon. It’s best to jump on board in the new year and get someone that reversible mermaid pillow with a picture of your face (or your dog) on it. Qstomize makes it possible to put any photo of your liking on these magic pillows and have it remain affordable for the average Joe.

What’s a reversible sequin pillow?

Mermaid Pillow and Dog

In case you haven’t seen one, a reversible sequin pillow is made of sequin fabric that allows you to brush your hand back and forth over it. Doing so will show the other side, allowing you to change color or show an image. Qstomize allows you to pick a color for the front side and personalize the part that shows when you brush your hand over it.

Qstomize’s Custom Sequin Pillow Features

  • Upload a photo / logo (1500 x 1500 px)
  • Add some optional text
  • Choose a sequin color: gold, rose gold, silver, red, pink, turquoise, green, black or blue

You can also choose to have the sequins personalized double sided, so either way you brush the sequins you will have something personal.

Qstomize just offers the pillow cover which is 16″ by 16″ (40cm x 40cm). You can buy a similar sized pillow insert on Amazon

Start personalizing your pillow with the link below:

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