Scribit – a Robot That Draws on Your Walls

If you really can’t draw well enough to explain yourself, or you want to switch your wall art multiple times per day there’s a robot for that too. Scribit is the robot companion you attach to your walls, provide a few markers and have it draw anything you select on your smartphone. It draws, erases and redraws everything to perfection until your markers give out.

What is this Scribit Drawing Robot?

Successfully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the Scribit is a circular robot you can simply attach with two nails and a piece of wire. Connect the Scribit robot to an outlet and it’s ready to draw anything you instruct it via the app. You can decide whichever of the 4 colors it will use while drawing. The Scribit will slowly make its way along the smooth surface until it has finished drawing.

Then, when you want to erase it, simply tell the Scribit to erase the drawing and with a special pod that heats up the ink will be erased from your wall or other flat surface without leaving any marks.

Scribit Wall Drawing Robot Specification

  • 1.1 Kg / 2.4 pounds
  • Max diameter compatible markers: 0.6inches (15mm) Minimum diameter compatible markers: 0.4inches (10mm)
  • Made of Magnesium alloy
  • Comes with required cables, 12 Scribit markers and a help guide

Who is the Scribit for?

The Scribit is an excellent robot device for designers and design agencies, or modern companies that heavily use a whiteboard to visualise subjects. Alternatively you can free your walls from all paintings at home and let the Scribit run free putting artwork, inspirational quotes or a giant to do list on your living room walls.

Where can I get the Scribit wall drawing robot?

The Scribit can now be pre-ordered on its official website for a hundred bucks and a multiple of that for delivery. Order now and your Scribit is scheduled to deliver in June 2019.

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