Lume Cube Air VC – Professional Lighting for the Mobile Vlogger

Lighting can make or break a video. You can buy all the expensive camera equipment in the world, but if you don’t have the basic lighting in place your footage will look like crap. The Lume Cube is a portable block of light that will instantly professionalize your video recordings. The original product has been out for a while, but now there is a version tailored for video conferencing and vlogging, check out the Lume Cube Air VC.

What is the Lume Cube Air VC?

Step into the limelight with the Lume Cube

The Lume Cube Air VC is a chargeable LED light block which shines a bright daylight color at your desired subject. You can configure the brightness setting via Bluetooth up until a nice, natural daylight color. It will run from 45 minutes until 2.5 hours on a single charge depending on its brightness setting.

The Lume Cube Air VC features a handy suction cup mount, which makes it ideal to attach to your tablet or smartphone. The rotating head allows you to simply point the light in a 360 degree direction so you can lighten yourself for a Facetime conversation or anything else you’re looking at.

In the box you’ll also get two diffusers to soften the light which makes for a nicely distributed lighting of your subject without nasty shadows.

Lume Cube Air VC Specs

  • Size: 1.6” x 1.6” x 1.1”
  • Weight: 2oz
  • LUX: 400 @ 1M
  • LED Temp: 5600K Daylight
  • CRI: 90 +/-
  • Beam Angle: 60º
  • Waterproof: 10M / 30Ft
  • Manual Settings: 4 Manual Brightness Levels and Strobe
  • Durable Rubberized Exterior
  • Wireless Bluetooth Controls via Lume-X App
  • Battery: Internal Non-Replaceable Lith-Ion Polymer
  • Charge: Micro USB
  • Run Time: 2.5+ Hours @ 50% Brightness (30-45min @ 100%)
  • Mounting: Built-In Earth Magnet (rear), Tripod Mount (Base: ¼”-20)
  • Control: Bluetooth and Single Button Manual Operation

Where can I buy the Lume Cube LED Light?

The Lume Cube Air VC is available on the official website or Amazon (which sells the previous version with the magnet instead of suction cup)

Lume Cube AIR LED Light for Photo, Video, and Content Creation

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