Sony’s Outdoor Party Speaker with Beer Holders

Just put party cup holders on any new product and you’ll have a guaranteed hit. This is what Sony must have thought introducing their new GTK-PG10 outdoor speaker. This cube-shaped speaker has everything to liven up your beach party or create an impromptu karaoke session.

What is the Sony GTK-PG10 Party Speaker?

Sony Party Speaker

The top of this boombox speaker has handles that allow you top open up two panels. Doing so, will allow the sound to expand and improve, pointing the built-in tweeters upwards.

Even better, you’ll unveil a splash-proof top to put 4 party cups or beer bottles, allowing you to fist pump that outdoor party to oblivion without spilling any drink.

The GTK-PG10 speaker also allows for changing pitch and supports microphones for full Karaoke support. Sony did their best to make the sound work well in outdoor environments which is really where this speaker shines.

Add to that the connectivity options and 13 hours of playback on a battery charge and you’ll be ready to party or karaoke anywhere you go.

Sony Outdoor Party Speaker features

  • Bass Boost
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • FM-Radio
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (13 hours on one charge)
  • Microphone input
  • Built-in handles, easy to carry
  • Splash-proof top with 4 cup holders
  • Voice control via phone app

Where can I buy the Sony PG10 Beer Holding Party Speaker?

The PG10 speaker will be available for sale in spring 2019 for about 250 bucks.

Leave your e-mail in the form below and we’ll let you know when you can (pre)order it.

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