Squeezi Wall Mounted Dispensers for Shampoo and Soap Bottles

If you’d like to have the convenience of those hotel soap dispensers in your shower at home, these special Squeezi dispensers will make you one happy camper. You simply put the stretchy Squeezi sleeves over your shampoo, conditioner or shower soap bottles (they fit most regular sized bottles) and then attach them to their wall mounts. After that it takes just a small squeeze in the tip for a spill-free drop of soap in your hands.

Why do I need this?

squeezi bathroom soap dispenser

The Squuezi soap dispensers work in your shower or in your kitchen with dish or hand soap. It’s one of those things you only know you’ve missed until you install it. The stretchy sleeve will work with your brands of soap (fitting 10-18 oz. bottles – even the weird-shaped ones). You just take off the cap and put it upside down in the sleeve.

Once installed there’s no hassle of taking off the cap, making sure that last drop is at the bottom and then squeezing the bottle. You can simply squeeze the Squeezi and you’ll empty your soap bottles to the last drop, without wasting anything.

You can easily mount the Squeezi holders onto your tiled or smooth walls with a heavy duty suction cup or the 3M adhesive. When installed, getting soap on your hands is a one-handed operation, making it an ideal solution for disabled people or clumsy kids.


  • Fits most 10-18 oz. soap and shampoo bottles
  • One-handed dispensing
  • Mounts on your bathroom or kitchen walls easily with suction cup or adhesive
  • Durable and leak-proof silicone design

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How to Use

Check out the handy video below, that explains how to mount your soap bottles on the wall using the Squeezi sleeves.


  • Wet the inside surfaces of the Squeezi sleeve and slide it over the bottle.
  • Mount the suction cup on any clean smooth surface. Use the adhesive-backed disc for textured or tiled walls. Remove the protective film on the disc prior to installation.
  • Hang the Squeezi on the suction cup nub by sliding it downwards until it is secure.
  • Squeeze the bulb to dispense the desired amount of product.

Where can I get these Squeezi Soap Dispensers?

These handy wall dispensers for soap and shampoo can be bought in a pack of two on Amazon, for under twenty-five bucks.

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