Rock Climbing Mugs

There’s only one proper cheap gift to give a rock climber. Instead of a regular cup handle, these mugs contain actual rock climbing wall grips on them, so that you can practice your finger strength while holding piping hot coffee. If that isn’t a good incentive to hold firm, I don’t know what is!

Why do I need this?

Next to properly positioning yourself against the wall, rock climbers know it’s all about the arm and finger grip strength when rock climbing. Now, you can’t have a climbing wall nearby at all times, especially when you’re around the house.

These rock climbing mugs ensure you’re even working on your finger strength even when chilling inside the house. The mugs are made of high quality ceramic (in the USA) and built in a way that the handles stay on their mugs.

The grip is made for both novice and expert climbers and comes in different colors (orange, blue, red ,green or with different swirls). The screw is only there for decorative purposes and you can’t put this mug in the microwave or dishwasher.


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: ceramic, Polyurethane, stainless steel,
  • Reviews: 100% pos.
  • 12 Ounce capacity and multiple colors to choose from

Where can I get these cool rock climbing mugs?

These special mugs are made by Climbergoods in the USA and you can buy one from Amazon, via the link below.

Rock Climbing Mug (Oblong, Blue)

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