The Best Giant Inflatable Pool Floats

Seeing a giant inflatable pool float always brings a smile to my face. It’s something about the combination of a giant object that’s often way too big for the amount of water it floats in that turns me into a kid again. It’s a small effort to bring one of these inflatable floats to the beach, pool or festival(!), but it’s very rewarding as soon as you blow them to their gigantic size. These are our favorite and most remarkable inflatable floats.

Beach Ball


It’s only right to start this best-of list with a classic, giant inflatable beach ball. The Beach Behemoth as this monster is called is the best quality ball of its size. It’s made of durable vinyl and is 12 ft. tall. Perfect for kicking it around the beach. Watch out for little kids though.

I always refer people to the following review as it sells this giant beach ball perfectly.

We took this ball to the beach and after close to 2 hours to pump it up, we pushed it around for about 10 fun filled minutes. That was when the wind picked it up and sent it huddling down the beach at about 40 knots. It destroyed everything in its path. Children screamed in terror at the giant inflatable monster that crushed their sand castles. Grown men were knocked down trying to save their families. The faster we chased it, the faster it rolled. It was like it was mocking us. Eventually, we had to stop running after it because its path of injury and destruction was going to cost us a fortune in legal fees. Rumor has it that it can still be seen stalking innocent families on the Florida panhandle. We lost it in South Carolina, so there is something to be said about its durability.

Giant Inflatable Beach ball features

  • Size: 12 ft.
  • Electric pump only
  • 30mil vinyl

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Rubber Duckie


Okay, sure it’s not as big a duckie as our cover image, but it’s big enough to be get noticed from a great distance in the pool. If you thought a rubber duck can never be scary this monster inflatable duck might get you to think otherwise. It can fit up to 3 adults or 4 children is very durable and an essential float for your pool party.

Giant Inflatable Rubber Duckie features

  • 84″
  • Durable .25mm Vinyl Pool Float; Lasts Longer, Avoids Punctures

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Pink Flamingo


Speaking about pool parties, it wouldn’t be a hip pool party without a giant flamingo floating in your pool. This pink Flamingo by Jasonwell looks very slick with its matt metal finish. Does not include hot girl.

Giant Inflatable Pink Flamingo features

  • size 190 x 200 x 135CM
  • holds up 2 adults, more than 400 pounds
  • raft-grade non-phthalates material
  • contains rapid valves for faster inflation and deflation
  • inflate with hair dryer, compressor or toy air pump

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What the… If you want to go for a relaxing float without anyone bothering you this giant, inflatable cockroach will do the job. It’s disgustingly giant and makes a perfect novelty float to spicen up the local pool party or festival (Papa Roach? I’ll show myself out).

Giant Inflatable Cockroach features

  • durable .25mm vinyl swimming pool float
  • 70″ long x 69″ wide including legs and 12″ deep

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Pizza Slice


Are you with exactly eight people? Say no more fam. This inflatable pizza slice is an all time favorite pool float. You can lie down on it very comfortably as the crust makes an excellent head pillow. Connectors allow for rafting together 2 or more slices so you can create a full pizza with your friends.

Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice features

  • Bungee connectors to raft 2 (or more) pizza rafts together
  • Easy to inflate


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Floating Unicorn for 6 People


We’ve saved the best for last. This is the biggest pool float we’ve found online. In fact, this thing won’t even fit your pool. Take this giant unicorn out to the lake and float away to wherever the wind takes you.

Floating Party Unicorn Features

  • Six-person maximum capacity
  • 1320 lbs. capacity
  • approximately 10′ tall, 10′ wide, and 14′ long
  • box weight: 71 pounds
  • Six cup holders
  • Built-in platform
  • Flamingo and Peacock have built-in cooler

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Like with all inflatable products you might stumble across a product that wears out easily or that loses air after a couple of uses. Don’t sweat it, enjoy these giant inflatable pool floats while you can. Happy floating!

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