The Cheese Chopper

As a cheese fan you might have seen this handy kitchen gadget show up on your social media or on TV (it got featured on Shark Tank). The Cheese Chopper is a blessing for your cheese of choice. It allows you to conveniently slice or shred most sized blocks with a guillotine-like mechanism. The slicer/shredder doubles as a container, so you don’t need plastic or a separate container to store your cheese in. This will save you space in the kitchen and save you money in the long run.

Why do I need this?

I’m usually buying a lot of shredded and sliced cheese at the store, since it’s much more convenient when preparing food. However, you’re paying way more by the ounce, not to mention all the extra plastic packaging material that’s hurting the environment. On the other hand, there’s no risk of hurting yourself having everything pre-packaged.

The Cheese Chopper combines a shredder, slicer and storage container into one handy package. Just put your block of cheese in the Cheese Chopper and store it in the fridge. Whenever you need some slices or shredded cheese, it’s as simple as taking it out of the fridge and using one of the three supplied guillotine handles (wire, grater, or knife) to slice or shred your cheese.

As you’re using the dial to slowly move the block of cheese there’s no risk of cutting your finger. All components are also dish washer safe, so it’s convenient to clean the cheese chopper and use it over and over. If you push the attachment all the way down before closing the lid, your cheese will stay in an airtight seal, allowing you to preserve it longer than in a plastic bag.


  • Store your block of cheese in an airtight container
  • Transfer the Cheese Chopper to your countertop to start slicing cheese
  • Comes with 3 attachments to slice or shred cheese
  • Guillotine guide allows full control over the thickness of your cheese slices
  • No risk of cutting your finger
  • Dishwasher safe

Where can I get the Cheese Chopper?

The Cheese Chopper was originally introduced on Shark Tank and had a successful Kickstarter campaign. Nowadays you can buy it on its official website, or on Amazon via the link below.

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