Paper Shoot – an Eco-Friendly Point-and-Shoot Camera

There’s something nostalgic about traditional point-and-shoot cameras. The fact that you don’t have immediate control and visibility over your end result can deliver some interesting surprises. The Paper Shoot is a minimalist, digital point-and-shoot camera that carries that same nostalgia. You just pop in an SD card, put the Paper Shoot in your pocket and then take it out for those spur-of-the-moment shots.

Why do I need this?

The first thing you’ll notice about the Paper Shoot is the quirky case. You can choose from many designs, swap your existing case and even create your own personalized one. Swapping them is as easy as unscrewing the 2 large screws on top and transferring over the camera body to another case and putting the screws back in.

This customizability makes the Paper Shoot a personal camera you can match with any outfit you’re wearing.

Unlike most traditional pocket cameras the Paper Shoot case is made from eco-friendly materials.

There are many cute designs you can choose from with the Paper Shoot camera

The camera runs on 2 AA batteries (it’s recommended you use rechargeable ones for the environment) and is always on standby mode so that you’re ready to shoot.

As you don’t have a digital screen with tons of camera features, the Paper Shoot sticks to the basics. On the back you have a toggle to apply different filters to your photos as you shoot them, you can choose between full color (the default), black and white, green sepia or a blue tone.

You can shoot a photo simply pressing the front button.

There are options for time lapses and 10-second video, both of which require using an external power bank over USB.

The photo filter switch sits conveniently at the back of the Paper Shoot

When you want to see your photos you simply take out the SD card and transfer the contents to your computer.

There are also snap-on magnetic lenses available in pairs of two, which allow you to shoot wide-angle or micro-shots or get some cool prism and focus effects.


  • Digital, point-and-shoot camera
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Swappable, customizable cases
  • Snap-on, magnetic filter options
  • 4 on-board filter options
  • Time lapse and 10-second video
  • powered by 2 AA-batteries

Where can I buy a Paper Shoot camera?

You can order a Paper Shoot on the official website, or buy one on Amazon via the links below.

Last update was on: January 12, 2024 3:28 pm

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