Upright Go Trainer – a Device to End Slouching

Slouching is a sign of the times. With everyone hunched over behind their laptops and smartphones it’s only a matter of time before humans will be born with crooked backs. The Upright Trainer is an ideal device to end this unnatural behaviour, correct your posture and get your back and body into proper shape.

What is Upright Go?

A sleek device to decrease your hunching and slouching

The Upright Go is a small device with a skin adhesive that you attach to your back. It contains a sensor that will detect the shape of your back and communicates this to the Upright Go companion app. With this app you can see if you have a proper posture or train your back while seated in your chair.

The best thing is, whenever you’re slouching the app sends a small vibration signal to your device, so you’ll be immediately reminded to correct your posture.

I really like the fact that this is not some full, uncomfortable brace you put on, but rather a minimalist way of knowing you need to straighten your back at any given time.

Check out the video below to learn more about the Upright Go Posture Corrector features:

Where can I get the Upright Go?

The Upright Go Posture Corrector device is available on uprightpose.com, in select Apple Stores or on Amazon.com (click on the buy link below to go there).

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