VaBroom, a Vacuuming Broom

I can’t remember when I last took out a broom to dust the living room floor. My OCD acts up when I can not for some reason get that last line of dust and dirt onto my dustpan.

Rather than using a full fledged vacuum cleaner for that little bit of dust there must be something easier, right? That’s what the VaBroom is for.

It’s a new Kickstarter project that eliminates the need for a dust pan. Just suck up the dirt into your broom!

How does it work?

VaBroom sucking dirt

You simply use the VaBroom as your regular, lightweight broom. Dust away until you have a line of dirt laying on the floor. Then, tilt the VaBroom to the side and suck up what’s left through the small nozzle. The dirt will enter the broom’s compartment which you can easily inject into the trash afterwards.

No more bending over or endlessly trying to sweep dirt on the dustpan.

The VaBroom can suck up everything from sand until broken glass. There’s enough suction going on so you don’t have to take out your vacuum cleaner.


  • 14,000 RPM Motor
  • 1 cup storage compartment
  • Quick release button
  • weighs only 30 ounces
  • Pressure activated suction nozzle
  • Heavy duty bristles
  • Powered by 4 AA-batteries

Pricing and Availability

The VaBroom is already successfully funded on Kickstarter. At the time of writing you can still get an early bird VaBroom duster for $39.

The first brooms are scheduled to ship in October 2019. Order one via the Kickstarter link below.

Visit the VaBroom Kickstarter page

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