Water Rocket Sprinkler

Blasting off into the stratosphere of summer fun, we introduce you to the Water Rocket Sprinkler – an innovative plaything that provides cool relief on those hot summer days. Forget boring sprinklers. With this innovative and playful toy, you can enjoy the thrills of a space launch in your very own backyard.

What is this?

A marvel of design, the Water Rocket Sprinkler isn’t your run-of-the-mill outdoor toy. This device, which remarkably resembles a cartoon rocket ship, rises high from its water jet launchpad, hanging suspended in mid-air. It then rotates, spraying water 360 degrees all around it. The higher your water pressure, the higher this sprinkler flies. As it floats in the air, it provides endless opportunities for kids (and adults who are kids at heart) to run around, cool off, and engage in playful battles with squirt guns.


  • Colorful, vivid cartoon rocket shape
  • Rotary head supporting 360-degree rotation
  • High-quality ABS material for durability and safety
  • Easy installation – no tools required
  • Connection with a garden hose for water supply
  • Suitable for children aged 3 to 12
  • Product dimensions: 6 x 6 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • Spraying distance: Approximately 1.5 meters (affected by water pressure)

Who is it for?

Now, who stands to benefit from this extraordinary invention? The Water Rocket Sprinkler is perfect for children aged three to twelve who love fun outdoor activities. Its cute, cartoonish design is sure to be a hit with the little ones, and its safe, reliable, and durable structure ensures it can handle the energetic play of children.

But it’s not just for the kids. The Water Rocket Sprinkler also serves as a fantastic tool for parents to engage with their children. Whether you’re trying to teach your kid about the principles of hydraulics in a fun way, or just looking to join them in the refreshing splashes, this water toy is sure to bring joy.

What’s more, the Water Rocket Sprinkler is also an ideal gift option. Got a friend’s child’s birthday coming up? Or perhaps Children’s Day is around the corner? This sprinkler makes for an engaging, memorable gift that’ll have the little ones grinning from ear to ear.

With rave reviews across the board, from the “grandson who can’t get enough of it,” to the mom who can’t wait to use it on the first warm day, the Water Rocket Sprinkler is clearly a hit. Though a word of caution, ensure it’s placed on a level surface for maximum elevation, and remember, the higher your water pressure, the higher the fun!

Where can I buy it?

With the Water Rocket Sprinkler, your backyard becomes a miniature water park, providing refreshing fun on those scorching summer days. It’s not just a toy – it’s a way to make precious memories with your little ones. So why wait? Blast off into a world of fun with the Water Rocket Sprinkler today. It’s time to enjoy summer the cool way!

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