Magic Puzzle Company 3-Pack

Unleash your inner puzzler and dive into the enchanting world of The Magic Puzzle series. With three sets of innovative and engaging jigsaw puzzles, you’re in for hours of fun and delightful surprises. Are you ready to experience the magic?

What is this?

The Magic Puzzle series consists of three different sets, each containing three 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles that do a magic trick when completed. Series 1 features The Happy Isles, The Mystic Maze, and The Sunny City puzzles, while Series 2 includes The Busy Bistro, The Crystal Caves, and The Forest Feast puzzles. Lastly, Series 3 offers The Secret Soup, The Puzzled Patron, and The Gnomes’ Homes puzzles.


  • Beautiful, original artwork full of tiny details and over 50 Easter eggs to discover while solving each puzzle
  • Mind-blowing magical twist ending, utilizing visual illusions and magic to make them the most interesting puzzles you’ve ever solved
  • Premium Dutch puzzle cardboard for a snug fit and long-lasting durability
  • Two large posters of the artwork included for collaborative puzzling
  • Resealable bags for easy storage and gifting
  • Environmentally friendly, with no puzzle dust in the boxes and no single-use or disposable plastic

Who is it for?

The Magic Puzzle series is perfect for:

  • Jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts who are seeking a new challenge and a unique puzzling experience
  • Individuals and families who enjoy cooperative and engaging activities
  • Those who appreciate beautiful and detailed artwork
  • Anyone who loves surprises and a hint of magic in their everyday life

Where can I buy it?

With countless positive reviews and a growing community of fans, The Magic Puzzle series is quickly becoming a must-have for puzzle lovers and anyone looking for a delightful and captivating activity. Intrigued? Experience the magic for yourself and prepare to be amazed! You can buy the puzzle series on Amazon via the links below.

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