Wear Your Hometown Map as a Piece of Jewelry

If you’re proud of where you come from and you’d like to rep your city wherever you go this is the best gift for you. It’s easy nowadays to convert your city map to a piece of art. We’ve seen wood-cut maps you can hang on your wall, but this is a fancy piece of jewelry you can carry around anywhere.

What are these map jewelery pieces?

Handcrafted by Talia Sari in Tel Aviv, these custom map necklaces and rings are made of silver or gold and contain a small cutout of your favorite area in the world.

With a Google Maps selector you can easily type in any street name or zoom in on a particular area you fancy and then order it as a ring, brooch, necklace or earrings.

Choose between 24K gold or silver.

If you want to gift the custom map jewelry but you’re not quite sure of the area, Talia Saria has a handy gift card that can be exchanged on her website.

Where can I buy the city map jewelry?

Easy, go to taliasari.com to place an order for your favorite city or neighbourhood as a piece of jewelry. Use code ‘HOMECOMING’ for 15% off your order (at the time of writing).

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