Backyard Ride-On Rollercoaster Set

If you’re not the overly protective parent, this special toy rollercoaster set for your backyard is one of the greatest gift for your kids. Once this ramp is set up, your kids will push the Hot Wheels car to the top platform using the steps, take a seat and then drive the car down for a thrilling ride. Rinse, repeat. It’s hours of fun for any sunny day in the backyard.

Rollercoaster set for kids

The Step2 Hot Wheels Coaster Ride On set gets you about 14 feet of race track, with the top platform being about 30 inch from the ground.

The blue Hot Wheels car, including the signature Hot Wheels decals sits safely and snug in the race track with its wheels. There’s a high seat, handgrips and a footrest for further safety.

Age recommendation

Kids up to 34 kg (75 lbs.) can enjoy the Step2 Hot Wheels Coaster. Recommended ages are between 3 and 8 years.

Pricing and Availability

I honestly wish I had this rollercoaster set (and a big backyard) as a kid, I would never had a problem playing outside.

You can buy this set on Amazon via the link below. Be aware that this is a big playset, so don’t get it if you don’t have the space to put it.

Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On

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