The Best eBike Conversion Kits of 2024

An eBike conversion kit is a great alternative for when you find a regular eBike too expensive and you’ve got one or more regular bikes laying around. It’s a literal power upgrade for your bike.

As a dutchman it’s also good to do something about the few fixed gear (or grandma) bikes I have, collecting dust in my shed. In the Netherlands we have more bikes than people, so it’s good to give them all some love. Why not pimp the bike you’re most comfortable on instead of getting used to yet another new bike?

In the past eBike conversion kits weren’t much cheaper than buying a separate electronic bike, but as the eBike kit technology has progressed over the years, an electronic kit has become an economic option for people that want more power and pedal assistance on bike roads. There are many biking startups rapidly creating lighter, cheaper and more powerful kits every year, so it’s exciting to see where it’s headed.

We’ve selected the best eBike Conversion kits available on the market right now, to make your life easier in picking one from the many available.

1. The Unlimited eBike Conversion Kit

The Unlimited eBike Conversion Kit, made by Barcelona’s Unlimited is the most advanced, and easiest to install kit available on the market right now. It has several smart features such as an auto on/off switch, wireless pedal sensor and integrated Wifi, which makes monitoring of the kit with your phone a breeze.

You’re able to convert nearly any bike type with this kit. Installation is simply a matter of:

  • disconnecting your front wheel
  • installing the Unlimited motor wheel
  • adding the battery holder and battery to your bike frame
  • connecting the motor wheel to the battery
  • adding the wireless pedal sensor to your pedals


  • Power: EU: 250 W, US: 750 W
  • Top speed: EU: 25 km/h, US: 22 m/h
  • Range: 35KM / 80KM, depending on battery size
  • Installation: Easy
  • Kit Weight: 3KG / 6.6lbs to 4KG / 8.8lbs, depending on the kit
  • Compatibility: Any bike

The Unlimited eBike Conversion Kit can be pre-ordered from its InDemand Indiegogo page. It’s scheduled to ship worldwide January 2021.

Order here

2. Bafang 40V 750W BBS02B Mid Drive Conversion Kit

The Bafang is a solid choice when it comes to converting your bike. This Mid Drive kit, which is a bit on the heavy side, delivers a lot of power and top speed for the money. It makes it an ideal choice when you hit those steep inclines during your commute.

Installation is not as straightforward as our #1 choice, but once you got this kit installed you’ll never want to go back to your regular bike performance.


  • Power: 750W
  • Top Speed: 52 km/h
  • Range: 22mi – 30mi
  • Installation: Difficult
  • Kit Weight: 5.6kg – 6.0kg
  • Compatibility: Any bike

3. Bikee Bike – Lightest

Bikee Bike is located in Italy, home of many great cyclists and steep mountains. Their Lightest is also a mid-drive kit, but packing half the weight of normal mid drive kits. It clocks in at 1.6 – 1.7 kg (3.5 lbs) without the battery and can support up to 1000W of battery power.

Bikee Bike has a proven track record with their ‘best ebike kit’ which they have been selling successfully for a couple of years. The Lightest bike kit is now running in an Indiegogo campaign with delivery scheduled for November 2020.

The Lightest is also light for your wallet, as the complete entry 250W model will only set you back a few hundred dollars.


  • Power: 250W – 1000W
  • Top Speed: 25km/h (16mph) – 50km/h (31mph)
  • Range: 35km (21.7mi) – 120km (74.6mi)
  • Installation: Medium difficulty
  • Kit weight: 4kg (8 lbs)
  • Compatibility: Nearly all bike types

You can pre-order the Lightest on Bikee Bike’s Indiegogo page

Be sure to bookmark this post and check back, because we will be updating the top eBike conversion kits throughout 2024!

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