White Lightning – World’s Spiciest Chocolate is Back

You may remember last year’s Cocoa Loco Spiciest chocolate bar we’ve featured on our blog.

Now, Fuego Box is back with a new, extremely spicy challenge. They’ve released world’s spiciest white chocolate and introduced the Choco Challenge 2.0!

At first sight, the chocolate bar looks small and innocent, until you know what the ingredients are.

This time around, the chocolate bar contains a 12-pepper blend with some of world’s hottest peppers: Chocolate Reaperuga, the Razor, Chocolate Bhutlah, Chocolate Reaperano, 7 Pot Douglas Brown X Reaper, Chocolate Bhut X Reaper, Florescent Mustard Scorpion, Pepper Why ?, Pepper Zeeyalater, Chocolate Bhutlah X Chocolate Reaper, Caramel Scotch Bonnet UFO, and Caramel Reaperuga.

The challenge is more or less the same as the previous choco challenge:

  • Eat as much of this chocolate as you can in one try
  • Make sure to have a video recording of your choco challenge attempt
  • Upload your video to social media, hashtag it with #ChocoChallenge2020 and mention @Fuegobox and 5 of your friends
  • Win a year’s worth of hot sauce from Fuego Box

Just like the last spicy choco challenge, proceeds of every chocolate bar will go to a good cause. This time, every bar sold will donate 50 meals to Feeding America.

Are you ready to take on a new pepper challenge? Maybe it’s good to see some videos of contestants first before you dive in:

Still down with eating world’s hottest white chocolate? Order via the links below and make sure to record a video of the outcome.

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