Black 2.0: the Blackest Paint Available

British artist Anish Kapoor pulled an asshole-move by monopolising the darkest shade of black, called Vantablack. He is currently the only person who can paint using a pigment so dark it absorbs 99.96% of light.

As a response Stuart Semple put out a matte, acrylic paint which looks to be pretty close to Vantablack, creating a black hole effect for any object you put a single shade of this paint on.

In their own words:

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: this is not the blackest black in the world. It is however a better black than the blackest black in the world as it is actually usable by artists.

Making this product even better is that Anish Kapoor (or anyone related to Anish) is not allowed to buy it as explicitly mentioned on the official product page.

The price? Much better than begging Anish for a single brush stroke of Vantablack. Buy a couple of bottles to support the cause.

Last update was on: March 13, 2024 8:17 pm

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