Blipblox After Dark – a Synthesizer for Kids

You can never start too early with educating little toddlers about saw waveforms and filter cutoffs. The Blipblox is a fun way for children 3 and up to get familiar with music making. It looks and feels like a toy, but the Blipblox After Dark is actually a very capable synthesizer and sound generator for the package it comes in.

Why does my kid need this?

Kids love playing with synthesizers. It’s something about those knobs and sliders and the instant gratification of changing the sound with every twist and turn. Now, very young kids don’t understand you can’t go around smashing keys and trying to pull out encoders on expensive synthesizers. Daddy won’t like you to be around his synthesizers or Eurorack equipment anymore.

Playtime Engineering must’ve thought: hey, what if we create a kid-friendly synth that can take all the abuse you throw at it? They launched the original Blipblox, which was a fun way for thousands of kids to get familiar with sound creation and synthesis and spark their creativity.

the original Blipblox

After this success, a successor was launched, the Blipblox After Dark.

This new and improved kid synthesizer contains over 300 melodies custom-made by professional musicians, It houses sixteen different oscillator types including wavetables which provide a good taste of general synthesizer capabilities. 

New on the Blipblox After Dark is the resonant multi-mode filter and a stereo multi-tap delay which produce a rich sound. 

Add in a built-in drum machine with over a 100 pitch-shifting drum samples and you have a small groovebox that can produce full, danceable tracks that your kid can bump to.

Ok, we admit it. Since this thing has a MIDI In port as well as a 1/4″ jack output, mommy or daddy will take this synth into their studio when the kids have been put to bed and work on some new music with the Blipblox. It’s just something about being able to control a filter with a throttle control that makes the Blipblox After Dark fun for everyone in the house.


  • Explore over 300 professionally-produced melodies.
  • LED display provides a guide as you select your synthesis parameters.
  • Add a keyboard, drum machine or DAW using 5-pin MIDI input.
  • Built-in speaker plus stereo 1/4″ Audio Output jack.
  • 16 unique oscillator modulation schemes, including wavetable synthesis.
  • 1 Multi-mode Resonant Filter.
  • 2 Envelope Generators, 2 LFOs that are used in a 3×3 Modulation Matrix.
  • Adjustable stereo Multi-Tap Delay.
  • Drum machine includes over 100 pitch-adjustable kick and snare samples.
  • Safety certified for ages 3 and up.  International certifications: FCC, CE, ASTM, CPSC 16, EN62115, REACH, RohS and CA Prop 65 for toys.
  • Includes: 1 Blipblox, 3 AA batteries, USB power adapter cable and Owner’s Guide.

Where can I buy the Blipblox After Dark?

After successfully launching on Indiegogo, the Blipblox After Dark is now available with most music gear retailers. Order one on Amazon, via the link below.

Playtime Engineering Blipblox After Dark Toy Synthesizer

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