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What started as an April fools gag finally turned into a real product. You can now purchase a keyboard dedicated to the good ol’ copy and paste command. In addition there’s a single key to launch Stack Overflow so that you’ll be the fastest copy- and paste-coder among your co-workers.

Why do I need this?

If you only knew how often you’re copy-pasting content from one place to the other, it’s silly to think that you need two buttons to press for this operation and that there isn’t a dedicated button for copying and pasting.

For April Fools, programming website Stack Overflow produced a pop-up whenever their users tried to copy some content. With it, they tried to promote The Key, a little keyboard dedicated to copy over other people’s code.

Now after giving it some thought, The Key is now being produced for retail. Besides their default function, you can program the keys to execute any command you’d like to. The Key contains Kailh Box Black switches to deliver an ultra-smooth linear feel.


  • Drop + Stack Overflow
  • Designed by Cassidy
  • 3-key configurable macropad
  • QMK programmable
  • Case material: CNC-machined aluminum with an anodized black finish
  • Switches: Kailh Black Box switches
  • Keycaps: Custom Stack Overflow-branded XDA profile keycaps

Where can I buy this tiny keyboard?

The Key is a collaboration between Drop and Stack Overflow. The first batch is sold out, but you can pre-order for the next run which is scheduled to ship in December 2021.

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