Cafemaker – a Printer That Prints Art in Your Coffee

This one’s so useless but so cool. Are you amazed by barista’s making latte art in your morning coffee? There’s now a machine that can print a perfect art piece right on your coffee.

What is the Cafemaker?

The Cafemaker is a modified printer that is able to print some edible ink on top of your coffee. In ten to twenty seconds you can print anything you like right from your mobile phone.

Where can I buy this coffee art printer?

The Cafemaker can be bought on Amazon. There’s a cheaper coffee printer available called the Happybuy which seems to get good reviews as well. Find the buying options for both below. If you can handcraft beautiful latte art yourself you probably don’t need this. But every new hipster coffee place that wants to sell something special should have this machine!

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Last update was on: May 16, 2024 9:14 am
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Happybuy Coffee Printer DIY Art Design Food Printer Coffee Latte Art Printer Coffee Maker Selfie Milk Tea Printer

Last update was on: May 16, 2024 9:14 am
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