DreamOn – a Watch That Puts Insomniacs to Sleep

With all the daily impulses and stress levels increasing it has become harder than ever to fall asleep and get a good rest. Taking sleeping pills or other forms of medication to help you sleep better isn’t really the best thing for your body.

The DreamOn sleeping watch introduces a natural way of easing you into sleep with a low-frequency wave that’s soothing for your brain and will put you to sleep faster than any melatonin will.

What is the DreamOn watch?

This is a new IndieGogo project based on years of researching brain waves and sleep patterns. The DreamOn watch creates a unique pulse to physically calm your body. When you tune into the sensation, your thoughts of work or any other thing keeping you up will reportedly vanish and before you’ll know it you’ll be vast asleep.

The DreamOn also features a Bluetooth connection so you can track the quality of your sleep within the companion app, though this is not required to just use the watch for its basic purpose.

DreamOn Sleeping Watch Features

  • 10 days on one charge
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Companion iOS app
  • Made of ABS plastics, nylon strap

The first group of people beta testing the DreamOn reported promising results. Check out the video for more information about the campaign:

Where can I buy the DreamOn watch?

The DreamOn is reportedly an ideal solution for people wanting to sleep in faster and not resort to heavy medication with unwanted side effects. The watch features a natural pulse which doesn’t harm the body or mess with the brain in any shape or form.

The initial campaign completed on Indiegogo.

You can now order the DreamOn sleeping watch from its official website, via the link below.

Buy the DreamOn v2 watch

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