Saxaflute – a Flute Sized Saxaphone

I love the soothing sounds of a saxophone. I always wanted to try playing the saxophone, but never had a proper place to store such a musical instrument. The Saxaflute is a great idea, you’ll have the full sound and character of a saxophone in portable flute form.

These bamboo saxaflute instruments are made for 30 years now by John Grant from the UK, whom you’ve might seen crafting these on the beaches of Europe or USA or on music festivals. To be able to keep up with the high demand of these saxaflutes he’s opened his own Kickstarter campaign to scale up production.

For a very affordable price you’ll have your own saxaflute in the key of G which is a much better sounding and durable option than some cheap, plastic saxophone alternative. These instruments also don’t go out of key like a plastic version.

There are options for black bamboo, hardwood bamboo and a special exotic wood saxaflute. Each material has its own character. Check out the campaign video of John Grant below where he performs with each type of saxaflute he can make for you.

Where can I buy a Saxaflute?

The saxaflute is an ideal gift for people wanting a portable, beginner saxophone to make music with. It’s crafted with love and full of character.

Check out the campaign link below. Otherwise you can always buy your saxaflute at

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