GoChess AI-Powered Chess Board

Hey there chess enthusiasts, gadget lovers, and anyone who’s ever pulled an all-nighter over a battle of pawns and kings! Grab a cup of your favorite brew, sit back, and join us on a mind-blowing journey where centuries-old tradition meets cutting-edge technology. Enter GoChess – the world’s first AI-powered, robotic chessboard that’s set to revolutionize your gameplay. Sounds exciting, right? Let’s take a closer look!

What is the GoChess?

The GoChess is not just a chessboard; it’s a game-changer! From the creators of the successful GoCube and GoDice, this chessboard embodies a perfect blend of craftsmanship and innovation. It’s a digital wizard at heart, wrapped in a classical robe, designed to provide an unprecedented level of realistic gameplay. It’s here to transform your good ol’ game of chess into a riveting experience.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the key features that make the GoChess stand out:

  • Realistic Gameplay: The GoChess comes with a patent-pending robotic mechanism that automatically moves the chess pieces, mimicking your opponent’s moves. Yes, it’s like having an invisible opponent, adding a sprinkle of magic to every game.
  • Automatic Setup: Forget the tedious manual setups. The diligent robots inside the GoChess board will arrange your pieces for you. It’s like having your little chess minions, fast, smooth, and quiet.
  • AI Coaching: New to chess or want to up your game? The GoChess has got you covered with its AI coach. The built-in lights guide you through each move, and it even offers real-time tips and feedback.
  • Integration with Popular Chess Platforms: GoChess syncs with Lichess and Chess.com, allowing you to play with opponents worldwide.
  • Advanced App: Enhance your gameplay with the dedicated GoChess app, which not only syncs with your board but also lets you solve puzzles, revisit historical games, and track your progress.
  • Innovative Design: The GoChess board is a masterpiece, available in a sleek tech look or a classic wooden design. Plus, it’s the thinnest smart board on the market.
  • Voice Control: For those who prefer hands-free control or fancy playing blindfolded chess, GoChess incorporates voice control technology.
  • GoChess Lite: A slimmer version of the GoChess Board, it lets you manually move the pieces, guided by light indicators.

Who is it for?

The GoChess is not just for seasoned chess enthusiasts or gadget freaks. It’s for anyone who wants to dive into the world of chess. Whether you’re a grandmaster honing your skills or a novice eager to learn, GoChess is your perfect chess partner. It’s also a fantastic way for parents to spend quality time with their children, instilling in them a love for chess. And for those who love playing against remote opponents, GoChess allows you to connect with players worldwide.

Where can I buy it?

So, you’re probably itching to get your hands on this revolutionary chessboard. Well, you’ll be glad to know that GoChess is available on Kickstarter. There are a few different versions of the product for you to choose from:

  1. GoChess Lite – This is a more basic version of the GoChess board. It’s smart and AI-powered, but you move the pieces manually. The online-connected board uses light indicators to show you your opponent’s moves. It’s the perfect travel companion thanks to its thin design.
  2. GoChess 1XR – This version has one robot that moves the pieces on the board. It’s a bit slower than its advanced counterpart, but it provides a magical experience nonetheless.
  3. GoChess 4XR – This is the crème de la crème. It has four robots that can move multiple pieces at the same time. This allows for faster set-up times and advanced moves such as capturing or castling. It’s the ultimate GoChess experience.

No matter which version you choose, each GoChess package comes with a full set of magnetic pieces (with two extra queens), a phone stand, a charging cable (USB type-C), a user manual, and a free GoChess app. Plus, all of this comes with a one-year warranty.

You can purchase GoChess on the official Kickstarter campaign page

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