Hoop Light – an LED Strip That Lights Up When You Score

When you’re playing basketball in the dark you best bring some lighting. The Hoop Light is probably the greatest invention for illuminating that which is most important, the basket rim. And this special light detects when you score, so it’ll light up at the most important event in your basketball game.

What is the Hoop Light?

Hoop Light

The Hoop Light is the first sensor-activated LED strip that’s special designed to be attached to a basketball rim. It’s weather resistant and can display different lighting patterns when you score.

It’s a battery-powered light, meaning you can leave this hanging for around thirty days on a single charge.

Pricing and Availability

The Hoop Light is an ideal addition to a recreative game of basketball. We all know the sound when you put the ball in the basket is satisfying and this LED ring for your basket rims will increase that satisfaction.

You can purchase the Hoop Light for about 120 bucks via the url below.


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