iBot G3 – a Classic iMac Figure

The original iMac is probably the most signature Mac ever created by Apple. The colourful computer has now been turned into a collectible figure by designer Philip Lee of playsometoys.

This is an adorable little iMac figure that comes with many details of the original Apple product. It’s molded in the same translucent plastic, comes with a tiny keyboard and mouse and features detachable magnet limbs to take it from a figure into a regular mini iMac.

The iBot G3 is a figurine that will look great on the desk of any Apple or Mac lover. Heck, even Windows users will get a kick out of this one.

The figure measures about 8cm in height and is available now in Bondi Blue or Tangerine Orange. Get it for $39 from Classicbot.com via the links below.

Get the iBot G3 in Bondi Blue
Get the iBot G3 in Tangerine Orange

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