Invisible Spray for Making Rain Art

Do you want to get your inner Banksy on and stencil up the city in an environment-friendly way? This invisible spray by Rainworks is the greatest way to testdrive your stenciling and street art skills. You spray a dose on a street surface and as soon as it rains your street art shows up.

When applied correctly the Rainworks spray stays on for 2 to 4 months and is easily removable by scrubbing the surface with an earth-friendly cleaning product.

You don’t have to wait until it rains. A bucket of water, water balloons or a garden sprayer will bring out your rain art just as well, making it a great way to impress kids and bystanders.

Rainworks Rain Art Spray Features

The Rainworks invisible spray comes in 2 flavors:

2 ounce starter kit


  • Includes 2oz. spray bottle
  • Covers 10-15 square feet (0.9-1.4 square meters)
  • Includes pre-printed flower stencil material

16 ounce bottle


  • Includes 16oz. spray bottle
  • Covers 80-110 square feet (7.4-10.2 square meters)
  • Includes chemical-resistant trigger sprayer


Discounts are applied whenever you buy the bottles in bulk.

I’m all for surprise art and putting smiles on people’s faces on a rainy day. Who’s with me?

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Invisible Spray for Making Rain Art
Invisible Spray for Making Rain Art
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