KettleBellConnect – One Kettlebell, Multiple Weights

When I first saw the KettleBellConnect by JAXJOX my mind was kind of blown. Some black magic was able to put multiple weights in a single weight. With this Kettlebell you can simply choose your resistance from a small LED display and safe a lot of space in your (personal) gym.

What is the KettleBellConnect?

Not your ordinary kettlebell

This is a smart kettlebell weight containing six weights in one, ranging from 12 – 42 pounds. Changing the weight level is a matter of seconds and is a matter of pressing a plus or minus button.

An advanced FitnessIQ app synchs with the KettleBellConnect and its highly sensitive motion sensors and tracks every part of your workout. It registers, reps, sets, workouts and is able to guide you along the path of getting in shape. And not only for yourself. You can register up to nine persons, so each has their own profile and workout program on a single Kettlebell.

KettleBellConnect Features

  • 12in. 430mm grip handle
  • digital display
  • non slip base
  • 14 hours on a single battery charge
  • 6-axis motion sensor family
  • LCD display

Where can I get the KettleBellConnect?

This is the one device you should get for kettlebell enthusiasts. Kettlebell fitness is no trend, it’s a religion. The KettleBellConnect is a very attractive option for a modern, small gym.

Get it on the JAXJOX web store

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