Chinese Jianzi / Shuttlecock

If you want to take your hacky sack game up a notch, Chinese Jianzi might provide you with a real challenge. Played throughout China, the aim of the game is to keep up the shuttlecock / featherball for as long as you can between you and your friends or to make sure your opponent drops it.

What is this Chinese Hacky Sack?

Jianzi started in China over 2000 years ago and has variations in other countries, like đá cầu in Vietnam or Sipa in the Philippines. The game can be played competitively on a badminton court where you score points hitting the Jianzi between the lines of your opponent’s half. Alternatively, you can play it artistically in the park, trying to make beautiful shots.

The shuttlecock is mostly made of four feathers in a rubber sole. You primarily use your feet and legs to keep the shuttlecock in the air. Touching it with your hands is forbidden.

It’s quite harder than keeping a soccer ball in the air and can really improve your technique when you’re playing soccer. Alternatively, you can also use it with a badminton racket if you prefer.

Check out some professional grade Jianzi playing in the video below:


amazing Chinese morning exercise

♬ original sound – Ren

Due to the way the shuttle flies, Jianzi is also a perfect game for the elderly to stay in shape outdoors. And because the shuttlecock is very light it’s even a good alternative to playing ball inside the house.

Where can I buy Jianzi?

The Jianzi shuttlecocks are available by one or in packs of multiple. If you play this regularly we advise to by a multi-pack as you’ll probably break one or more.

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