BlazePod Reflex Training Game

When you need a fun tool to train your reflexes and get a workout going at the same time, BlazePod is a great product to do so. BlazePod is a set of versatile and durable pods that can illuminate and work paired with your smartphone. With them you can play and offer different reaction-oriented games that work with visual cues and tapping the pods to proceed.

Why do I need the BlazePods?

It’s more important than ever to stay in shape. There are many apps on your smartphone or games on consoles or VR headsets that aim to make physical activity more fun and engaging, but nothing is really finding its way into fitness centers or professional settings as well as the BlazePods.

The BlazePods are a good example of a component that can greatly enhance the engagement for trainees or athletes while they go about their physical activity or reaction speed training.

You don’t need a full gaming console or complex, wired setup to get going. A standard kit will get you 4 portable pods that each can support 8 different colors. The BlazePod app for iOS and Android supports pre-defined workouts and exercises that work in tandem with the BlazePods. Additionally, the app helps you set up custom workouts as a trainer so that you can get your athletes or trainees engaged with the training material.

The BlazePods help you achieve:

  • heightened focus
  • improved strength and agility
  • refined reaction times
  • increased spatial awareness
  • improved motivation

If you’re stuck in a rut with regular fitness exercises the BlazePod kits are a great way to make working out more fun.

Since their launch in 2019, the BlazePods are used by many professional athletes around the world. Not only in team games like football, basketball and ice hockey, but also individual sports like boxing and Formula 1.

Formula 1 2021 world champion Max Verstappen using the BlazePods to enhance his reaction speed


  • Powerful RGB LEDs with 8 color options
  • Durable: Water resistant (IP65), UV protected
  • Simple and intuitive: No power button, no moving parts
  • Portable: small and lightweight
  • Lift the Pods off the ground with our unique BlazePod adapters
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge
  • Space saving smart stack & charge
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) communication with immediate smartphone pairing and up to 40 meter device-to-pod range

Where can I buy a BlazePod kit?

The BlazePods are available on their official website, or you can buy a Standard or Training kit on Amazon via the links below.

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