Light Pong – 1-Dimensional Gaming with a Light Tube

We’re glad to see the Light Pong game finally getting its Kickstarter launch after seeing tons of exciting videos on TikTok about this unique gaming device. Light Pong takes the classic game of Pong and transforms it into a 1-dimensional game. No fancy screens, gaming rigs or multiplayer iPhone games. No, all you have is an LED light tube and a 1-button controller at either end of the tube. Who knew you could have that much fun with a simple tube of LED lights?

Why do I need this?

If you’re looking for a unique party game, Light Pong is a great way to battle one of your friends. You simply hold a controller at either end of the light tube and you time your button presses better than your opponent to win the game.

Besides the traditional Pong, where pressing the button in time will move a light ray to your opponents end of the tube, the Light Pong game comes with several other games. There is Tug of War where you need to mash the button faster than your opponent to win or Cyclone, where you need to stop a fast moving light pulse in a certain target area to win.

a closer look at the Light Pong controllers, which will simply have 1 primary and 1 secondary button

There are big plans to take the Light Pong game beyond the initial concept unit. A companion app can help expand the Light Pong device for scorekeeping and loading additional games to your device, made by an open developer community.


#Lightpong is like 1D ping pong! Closer it gets to your side when hit the faster it moves, but if it hits your end you lose.👀 #houseparty #partygame

♬ original sound – Light Pong

The beauty is in the limitation of the device. There’s no further distraction than the light strip and your opponent.


  • Ages 6 and up
  • 1-2 players
  • Rechargeable (4-5 hour battery life)
  • 1.5m with 152 LED lights

Where can I get a Light Pong device?

Light Pong was already successfully funded in a single day of being on Kickstarter. It’s safe to say people are looking forward to see this come to life. You can pledge as an early bird for about eighty bucks to receive your very own Light Pong.

The first units are roadmapped to ship in September 2022 at the time of writing.

Fund the Light Pong campaign on Kickstarter

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  1. Do you know if there is a way to turn off the sound effects? I bought two. One has annoying effects and the other is silent. There must be a sound-on/off switch?

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