Willow 2.0 – a Wearable, High-Tech Breast Pump

There’s nothing really elegant about using a regular breast pump to pump breast milk. It often includes finding a private space, whipping out a bulky device and trying your hardest to get the most amount of breast milk into bags and bottles, all without spilling. Luckily, the Willow 2.0 tries to make the experience much more comfortable and spill-free. It’s the most advanced and convenient breast pump available.

What is The Willow 2.0?

The Willow Breast Pump has its second version shipped in February 2019. You’ll get two subtle and compact breast pumps you can shove in your bra.

This time around the breast pumps and flanges are transparent so it makes it easier to see if the pumps are attached properly and if the milk is flowing. You’ll still have an associated Willow app to keep track of your milk pumping next to this.

The Willow 2.0 is still the same quiet and spill-free breast pump as before.

Where can I get the Willow 2.0 Breast Pump?

Pre-order this new breast pump on the official website

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