Mr. Pung, a Plunger That Works

I’ve become quite capable with a plunger around the house. Heavily clogged pipes still remain a problem though. The Mr. Pung is a special kind of plunger as it doesn’t use your physical strength and technique. It uses CO2 cartridges to blast your pipes clean. You’re not making a mess and your sink or toilet is unclogged immediately. I wish I knew about this earlier, it would have saved me from quite some plumber costs.

How does the Mr. Pung work?

Mr Pung Plunger

Using the Mr. Pung is an effortless operation. You simply twist off the lid and load up a CO2 cartridge. Then, you’ll turn the plunger into the sink or toilet hole, making sure the compression cap is fully adhered to the drain. Press the button and a blast of air will clear your pipes. Slowly turn out the Mr. Pung and the water is ready to flow again.

This CO2 plunger should work on most pipes, however make sure to consult a profressional when you have older pipes and don’t use the Mr. Pung in the winter, with frozen pipes.

Pricing and Availability

Mr. Pung is available in a version for toilets and a mini version for kitchen sinks and washing basins. It comes supplied with a 10-pack of CO2 cartridges. You can order it on Amazon, via the links below.

Last update was on: January 13, 2024 12:17 am
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