QuenchSea, Make Sea Water Drinkable

As we’re living in uncertain times, survival equipment is being stocked up on. Fresh drinking water will become one of those things we take for granted now, but might become a problem in the future, with its increasing scarcity. The makers of QuenchSea have a solution to this issue. The QuenchSea is a 1-person operated device that allows you to make fresh drinking water out of the salty sea.

What is it?

The QuenchSea is a desalination device. It has a hydraulic system where you’ll pump salty sea water through a set of pre-filters and a reverse osmosis membrane. The pre-filters take out any bacteria or other contaminants. The reverse osmosis filters take out the salt particles from the water.

This allows you to separate the salt from the sea water and end up with a potable amount of water.

An hour of pumping will get out around 4 litres of fresh water. The reverse osmosis filter is good for filtering a minimum of 500 litres before it needs to be replaced.


  • Ultralight seawater desalination device. Weighs 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)
  • Ultimate survival tool, long shelf life, easy to use, clean and store
  • Triple and Ultrafiltration removes bacteria, viruses, parasites and microplastics
  • Reverse Osmosis membranes – Easily replaced at low cost
  • Over 2 Litres per hour
  • 18,000 litres or 4,700 Gallons production capacity per membrane
  • Ultra compact design

Who is it for?

The QuenchSea is an essential survival device to have with you when you’re camping near the sea or on an island or taking out your boat on sea.

The membrane is only suitable for sea water so it will not work with contaminated water from rivers, ponds or lakes. There’s other tools like the LifeStraw water filters that can help you with that.

Where can I get it?

The QuenchSea people have a big mission ahead of them. By 2027 there should be 100 million QuenchSea devices donated to people in need of fresh drinking water.

You can help with this goal and support aid for people in the (upcoming) water crisis. Donate a QuenchSea or buy one for yourself via the Indiegogo campaign that’s currently running. You’ll get one filter for free which has a shelf life of around 5 years.

For 10 bucks per piece you can buy new filters for the QuenchSea.

Get the QuenchSea on Indiegogo

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