Ring Hook Toss Drinking Game (Sling-a-ring)

If there’s one word I could use to describe this ring toss drinking game it would be: intense! This game demands a sharp eye and solid hand. The aim is to toss your ring onto the hook and transfer the wooden cup (or shot glass) one spot at a time to the opposite side of the board until it reaches your opponent. If you’re playing with actual shots each winning round makes it harder for your opponent to accurately throw his ring on the hook.

How do I play the ring toss game?

This ring toss game is also called sling-a-ring and is a head-to-head, tabletop version of the traditional game called ringing the bull or tiki / bimini toss, which consists of throwing a ring onto a hook (often attached to a wall)

The rules of this ring toss game are simple:

  • Someone puts the wooden cup or shot glass in the center circle
  • You start slinging the rings as fast as you can until you land on the hook
  • Each time you land the hook, you move the wooden cup 1 step towards your opponent
  • Player wins when the wooden cup or glass moves off the end of the ladder

The game is great fun at parties and fast-paced so everyone can join in to beat the long-standing (or rather sitting) champion. Seeing as you don’t necessarily need alcohol to make it fun the game is suitable for both adults and families with kids.

Where can I buy this ring toss game?

It’s not that difficult to create a sling-a-ring set yourself. There are multiple YouTube tutorials that run you through the required materials and the steps to assemble a game of your own.

If you don’t feel crafty enough there are also wooden sling-a-ring sets on Amazon, which you can buy via the link below.

Amazon Amazon.com
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