Scrape-a-Round Ice Scraper

It’s that time of year again. Windshields get frozen and I still dread scraping the ice from my car in the early morning, running late for work. I’ve tried sprays that clear your window easily, but these empty quickly and can get costly.

There is a simple tool called the Scrape-a-round which makes scraping ice from car windows way easier.

What is the Scrape-a-Round

The Scrape-a-Round is a plastic , cone-shaped ice scraper that due to its form removes frost, snow and ice from your car windows in half of the time.

You can comfortably hold it and defrost your windows without the effort of regular ice scrapers. Even the most frozen frost will come off easily. The short side of the Scrape-a-round has an ice breaker for the really tough spots

The Scrape-a-Round ice scraper doubles as a funnel when you remove its cap, so you don’t need multiple tools to remove ice or fill up windshield washer liquid.

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Where can I buy the Scrape-a-Round Ice Scraper?

The Scrape-a-round has been around for a while and can be found with multiple major online retailers such as Amazon. Don’t pay more than 10 bucks for one which is the normal retail price.

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