Siliscrub – The Massaging Shampoo Brush

There’s so much you can do to increase the already relaxing experience of taking a shower. One example is the Siliscrub brush. With this brush you can softly massage your shampoo in your hairs.

Next to it being a relaxed experience the Siliscrub brush is ideal for people suffering from Dandruff or an itchy scalp. The soft silicone doesn’t damage the skin and will slowly release any flakes. Therefore it’s also suitable for your baby’s cradle cap condition.

How to use the Siliscrub brush

Siliscrub shampoo brush

Using the Siliscrub is very easy.

  • Apply shampoo to your scalp and the roots of your hair
  • Slowly move the Siliscrub over your scalp (use any pressure). Don’t use a circular motion to prevent hair tangling
  • Wash your hair
  • Rinse the Siliscrub after use

Where can I get the Siliscrub?

All major retailers stock the Siliscrub or a similar shampoo brush. There’s no need to pay more than ten bucks for it as long as it’s made of soft silicone.

ZITOOP SILISCRUB - The Original Silicone Shampoo Brush (Blue)

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