Personalized M&M’s Candy

If you are really specific about the colors of M&M’s you favor why not take it a step further? There’s actually an official, personalized M&M’s service that allows you to print your own texts or images on the popular chocolate candy’s.

What is My M&M’s?

The design service at allows you to pick up to three colors of M&M’s and choose up to 4 personalizations of your candy, which can consist of any combination of the following

  • Text (max. 9 characters)
  • Clipart (choose from a gallery of images)
  • Custom image (photo, logo etc.)

After putting together your different colors and designs you can choose from a wide variety of boxes or bags to put your personalized M&M’s in.

Who should I buy this for?

There are a lot of occasions to gift the personalized M&M’s to someone:

  • Anniversary
  • Party packs for a birthday
  • Graduation
  • Having special cupcake ingredients
  • Valentine’s day

Where can I buy the personalized M&M’s?

You can put together your personalized M&M’s candies on the website below and order them in whatever quantity and packaging you prefer. Let us know when you create something special!

Personalized M&M’s Candy
Personalized M&M’s Candy
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