Sketchbook With a Mirror For Your Phone

If you happen to draw often, while using a reference image on your phone or tablet, this special easy-sketchbook by Viviva will be a godsent. With the sketchbook comes a half-mirror that is able to reflect your phone’s screen on your sketch page, so you can easily trace the image and have the right proportions right on the page.

How does it work?

The easy sketch comes with a landscape Wiro sketchbook, a half mirror and a metallic stand. You simply lay you phone on one half of the paper (or next to the notebook, put your half-mirror right next to it and now your phone’s screen will reflect on the other half of the paper.

Who is the Easy sketch for?

If you’re a beginner artist and you find it hard to freehand drawing examples, there’s nothing wrong with tracing drawings. If anything it will get you some muscle memory in drawing common objects and shapes.

While you can resort to printing out the examples and laying it underneath your drawing paper with some LED lighting device, this half-mirror does the job equally as well, with added convenience and no electronics other than your phone.

Where can I buy the Easy sketch?

The Easy sketch is available on Amazon via the link below.

Viviva, Easy Sketchbook

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