SmartCup – Perfect Temperature for any Drink

I remember the baby period of my kids really well. Next to the diaper changing one thing that I always battled with was preparing a warm bottle of formula with the right temperature. I wish I had this promising Kickstarter product back in the day. The Smartcup heats up your water to the exact right temperature at the push of an app. And it’s not only baby formula. The SmartCup can make you the best cup of coffee or tea as well!

What is the Smartcup?

The Smartcup is a cup powered by smart technology. The housing contains a capsule that you can fill with tea or coffee. You fill the cup with water and with an associated app you pick the beverage you’re preparing. The Smartcup will automatically start up the right beverage process, which can include brewing, heating up or cooling down your water. This process will bring out the best in the drink you’re preparing.

Making coffee with the SmartCup

Heating system
Smartcup Heating Up

SmartCup Features

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