Svalbard Single Hand 24 Hour Watch

Sometimes you don’t need all those bells and whistles on your watch, like Bluetooth, Wifi, heart rate monitoring, etc.. This Svalbard 24-hour watch takes you back a few centuries. Back when people only cared about it being morning, afternoon or evening. This single hand watch will tell you at a glance which hour of the day you’re in and only when you squint your eyes, you might be able to make out 15-minute intervals. The Svalbard watches are beautiful and less stressful than watching time tick by the second.

Why should I wear a single hand watch?

Single-hand watches used to be a normal phenomenon when pocket watches were introduced in the early 16th century, It’s just like how sundials and the early church clocks kept time.

The Svalbard watch products are created by Lanswood Commerce, who originally made the ‘No-Watch’. They never stopped making unorthodox watches and Svalbard is the continuation of the 24-hour watch.

When you’re a minimalist or you’re easily stressed a single hand watch is a great way to keep time. You won’t be bothered by ticking seconds or minutes as you’re slowly seeing a single hand make a full circle in a day. Twenty-four hour watches are worn today by pilots, scientists, and militaries, and are sometimes preferred because of the unambiguous representation of a whole day at one time

Svalbard Watch Features

Each Svalbard watch is made in a limited edition run of 500 watches, meaning every piece will be pretty unique in the world.

You can choose between 12 or 24 numbers printed on the watch face in different designs. The enclosure is mostly made of glossy polished steel featuring the Svalbard logo.

The watches run on a battery and have a Swiss quartz movement.

Where can I buy a single hand 24-hour watch from Svalbard?

There are many designs to choose from on the Svalbard website. Check out their category of single hand watches via the link below.

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