Musou Black – the New Blackest Paint in the World

While we’re a big fan of anything Stuart Semple puts on the market for creative tools, it looks there’s a new king in town for being the blackest available paint in the world. Musou Black seems to outdo Stuart Semple’s Black 3.0 by a large margin, coming closer to the blackest material on earth, Vantablack.

What is Musou Black?

Inspired by the release of Black 3.0, which got funded over half a million dollar via Kickstarter, Musou Black started being developed by Koyo Orient in Japan.

Musou Black is a water-based acrylic paint with a light absorption rate of 99.4%. After doing a comparison between the two paints, it’s a 1.9% difference (according to Koyo Orient), which means Mosou absorbs 4 times more light than Black 3.0..


  • Product Name: Musou Black
  • Product Type: Synthetic resin paint
  • Ingredients: Synthetic resin (acrylic), pigment, antifungal agent, water
  • Applications: Plastic models, various models, crafts, etc.
  • (A non-water-absorbent material may require a surface treatment or primer.)
  • Capacity: 100ml

How to paint with Musou Black

It’s recommended to airbrush Musou black on your surface in multiple coatings, for best results. Too much paint will not result in the darkest black you can get. Yet even just using a brush you can still see the light absorption qualities of Musou Black.

Musou Black vs. Black 3.0

Cameras do a lot to skew the results you’re seeing on photos. The best thing to do is try a bit of both and see whichever paint has your preference. From early reviews it seems Musou’s application is a bit easier than Black 3.0, but it shouldn’t be brushed against or touched as it’s very delicate to handle and will loose its light absorption qualities easily.

That said, Musou Black is indeed visibly darker than Black 3.0, so we’ll wonder what Stuart Semple’s next move will be!

Where can I buy Musou Black?

Musou Black is available in Japan and can be imported from the official website or Amazon Japan.

Get Musou Black from the official website

Get Musou Black from Amazon Japan

  1. is it darker than vanta black?

  2. vanta black is not a paint, also it is not.

  3. you should find a way to make it as dark as vantablack. that would be cool.

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