The Headache Hat

Migraines and heavy headaches can sometimes turn you hopeless. You’re just hoping for any kind of relief. The original Headache Hat provides you a bit of relief. This is a snug and comfortable head wrap filled with ice cubes that provide a soothing cooling therapy.

How does it work?

You’ll leave the headache hat in your refrigerator or freezer (in the special bag) and whenever you’re having a headache or migraine attack you’ll take it out and wrap it around the pain areas. This can be your head, but you can also wear it around your neck or covering your eyes.

The thin layer of plastic keeps the ice cubes from melting directly on your head. You can also move the ice cubes around in the headband to target the hurting areas directly. When one side turns warm, you can flip it around for some additional coldness.

All in all the headache hat beats any other form of cold compression to relieve headaches. It’s a flexible wrap that takes up little space in your freezer and easily gets through to the source of your headache, relieving you from the spikes of pain.

Pricing and Availability

The Headache Hat was features on the Home Shopping Network and is now available for sale from Amazon for about forty bucks, via the link below.

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