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A lot of people upgraded their old butt thermometer during the 2020 pandemic. Now, there are convenient ear or forehead scanners that read your temperature in about a second. This new Kickstarter project takes it even a step further. The Thermometer or ThermBot is a tiny thermometer you can take with you, that draws a small amount of power from your Android or Apple smartphone or a powerbank. No battery needed!

Tell me more…

The ThermBot comes with a small adapter for either Lightning or old school mini USB connections, which means it also supports older Android phones. A slide on the thermometer allows you to slide in and out the connector, so it can’t get damaged while you have it in your bag. It measures only 2 inches, so there’s no reason to not take this everywhere you are.

You simply plug the ThermBot into your smartphone (no app needed) to get some power for your temperature reading and you then hold it about an inch away from your forehead to get an accurate reading.

The ThermBot supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit and can connect to your other apps by using an IFTTT integration. Send an automatic e-mail to your mom to make some chicken soup when it reads that you have a fever!

Where can I get it?

The Thermbot is running its last day of campaigning on Kickstarter. Units are scheduled to ship at the end of the year for about a 100 bucks, depending on how early you pledge for this campaign.

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