BLINK, The Blackest Ink in the World

BLINK is the latest product to come out of Stuart Semple’s workshop. Where they previously worked on creating the darkest, blackest paint in the world, BLINK is the blackest and mattest looking ink available for sale right now.

If you’re working with black ink on paper a lot, this new ink should probably go into your toolset, as it will make your work pop that much more.

Who is BLINK for?

BLINK has been created for artists working with ink. If you’re making ink-based designs, handwritten letters or if you’re into calligraphy, start replacing the black ink with BLINK to see great results.

Like earlier products, Stuart Semple has beta tested this product extensively with their artists to get it to the point of perfection.


  • Bleedproof
  • Waterproof
  • Drip Proof
  • Mega-matte
  • Stupidly Black

Where can I get BLINK?

BLINK is available in a 30ml bottle on Culture Hustle, via the link below.


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