SwitchBot – Control Any Button or Switch From Your Phone

It’s a difficult task to turn your entire home smart. There’s always a device or two that’s remaining analog and that you need to power on or off yourself. The SwitchBot is a cleverly designed gadget that can turn all your analog / dumb buttons into smart-enabled buttons. This way, even your trusty old appliances can become smart.

What’s the SwitchBot?

The SwitchBot is a smart device you can attach (you can just stick it on with its adhesive) near any regular appliance button or switch. Via wifi and Bluetooth you can control its internal lever which will poke or pull the button or switch for you. The design enables you to use it for both single press buttons as well as rocket switches.

You can really get creative and attach it to light switches or your coffee machine, to prepare fresh coffee from your bed, controlling the SwitchBot via your phone.

Additionally, the SwitchBot app supports setting schedules, like you’re able to do with most smart devices. Think of automatically turning off the lights at a certain time or turn on your pet’s food dispenser when you’re not at home.

If you have multiple SwitchBots in your house you can decide to pair them and create complex scenes so that you can configure button press combinations when enabling a device. This so called scene can then be triggered by a Siri or Alexa voice command. Think for example of enabling a ceiling fan and putting it on the right speed. This functionality requires the SwitchBot hub which is sold separately.

You can even configure the time of the press, so that you can enable devices that might have separate short- and long-press functionality.


  • Easily attach to any button or switch
  • Works directly over Bluetooth and Wifi (via SwitchBot hub)
  • Control the SwitchBot from your phone or smartwatch
  • Voice control (via SwitchBot hub)
  • Link with other SwitchBot products
  • Supports SwitchBot API

Where can I get a SwitchBot

The SwitchBots are relatively cheap devices, so when you get one you’ll probably want more to plaster across your house. The SwitchBot hub is recommended whenever you want to remote control your SwitchBots when you’re not near them or activate them via voice.

The SwitchBot products are available on Amazon via the links below.

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