Exploding Valentine’s Day Photo Card

If you want a sure way to ruin a romantic Valentine’s Day gift moment the Boomf Bomb is a solid choice. This is a square photo card surprise that will explode in your Valentine’s face the moment he or she will open it. It’s the last thing they’ll expect, *evil laugh*. Be sure to capture the moment on video, as half the fun is watching your lover’s jump scare over and over again.

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The Boomf Bomb is a cube shaped card that you can personalize on each side.

Choose some pictures or pick from some pre-designed images on the Boomf website. When you’re done, pick one from several types of confetti to make the surprise even greater.

Pricing and availability

The Boomf Bomb Valentine’s Card is available from the official website via the link below. You can personalize and order one for about ten bucks.

Order the exploding valentine’s day card at boomf.com

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